Thursday, May 22, 2008

Swims, Planets & Paul Slack

We've known Paul Slack for a while now. Bass player of Sacramento math rock duo SWIMS, along with Mark Rocha on drums, we've decided to put his first 6-track EP out in late 2006. Our third release, our first american band and a trippy one!

Some months later, Paul came back to us with another project called "Planets", still a duo with Thomas Crawford on drums. Planets self-titled record was in the mailbox a few days later, wrapped in one of the craziest packaging we've ever seen. An all hand made cloth sleeve, sealed on its four borders and with a real leaf stuck on the front cover. After a listening, we decided to jump on the bandwagon and to help our dudes releasing their masterpiece.

So how does this new project sound?
In an interview with Fringe Magazine, Paul explained:
"Planets is a more gritty, dirty, intricate sound — a lot faster, a lot more thought out, a lot less groove and more measures, scales and all the goodies, mathy. They are really pieced out, were as Swims tends to be more rhythmic, not just a whole bunch of short ballads. Also with Planets, we got a whole visual aspect to it. We’ve got a whole visual performance we do while we play, so it’s not just watching two dudes playing drums and a bass. There’s going to be all kinds of good stuff going on at a Planets show".

You, lucky people! Planets will hit he road this summer. Ahleuchatistas will join them for a couple of gigs on the East Coast. Check them out if they come by your town!

Listen to: Planets - To Think
Listen to: SWIMS - Pegasus

06/13 - 924 Gilman St, Berkeley, California
06/14 - Studio on 4th, Reno, Nevada
06/15 - TBA, Salt Lake City, Utah
06/16 - Lifespot, Centennial, Colorado
06/17 - TBA, Lincoln, Nebraska
06/18 -Fuck Mountain, Chicago, Illinois w/ Ahleuchatistas
06/19 - Art Hospital, Bloomington, Indiana w/ Ahleuchatistas
06/20 - Pat's in the Flats, Cleveland, Ohio w/ Ahleuchatistas
06/21 - TBA, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania w/ Ahleuchatistas
06/23 - TBA, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania w/ Ahleuchatistas
06/24 - Cake Shop, Manhattan, New York w/ Ahleuchatistas
06/25 - New Haven People's Center, New Haven, Rhode Island w/ Ahleuchatistas
06/26 - Galapagos, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York w/ Ahleuchatistas
06/27 - O'Brien's, Boston, Massachussets w/ Ahleuchatistas
06/28 - Orion Studios, Baltimore, Maryland w/ Ahleuchatistas
06/30 - 700 Social Club, Wilmington, Delaware
07/01 - Dudebrohouse, Tenleytown, Washington DC
07/02 - TBA, Richmond, Virginia
07/03 - New French Bar, Asheville, North Carolina
07/04 BLOWING SHIT UP IN NASHVILLE, Nashville, Tennessee
07/05 - The Exchange, Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas
07/07 - 1919 Hemphill, Fort Worth, Texas
07/08 - The Stove, Albuquerque, New Mexico
07/09 - TBA, Phoenix, Arizona
07/10 - Chaser's, San Diego, California
07/11 - The Smell, Los Angeles, California
07/12 - TBA, Santa Barbara, California
07/14 - TBA, Santa Cruz, California
07/24 - Boogie Room, Santa Rosa, California

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